Well, BOA sold my mortgage to some company called Nationstar

I’d never heard of them before. I got the notice from BOA of the change last month, but hadn’t gotten anything from Nationstar. So I hadn’t paid anything. I finally get a call from NS last Friday, I think.
The lady says that my payment is late, which I knew. Before she can start on my case, I attack first: I never received ANY info from the company. I don’t have an account number, never received a bill, don’t know where to send payments to, etc. She says, “you haven’t received anything yet?” No, I haven’t. So then she says it was sent out on the 17th. Remember, this call was on the 19th.
So then I asked, when was the payment due? She told me April 1st. So my question was “How could I pay it on the 1st when you didn’t send the bill until the 17th???” Her:”Well, we didn’t receive info from BOA until the 14th.” I started to say, “That’s not MY problem”, but I let it slide. So she asks if I’d be able to make a payment by the end of the month. If I could, she’d waive the late payment fee. Yeah, I should get another paycheck by then to be able to pay. I figured I’d pay it online this weekend. So I just created a user account on their website. Guess what? There’s no instant pay on the site. My payment options are:

-Monthly auto draft, which I may do later when I get more money
banked, but not right now.
-Pay by mail, which means it won’t be paid by this weekend.
-Western Union web payment
-Western Union pay by phone
-Western Union Quick Collect(extra fee)
-MoneyGram Express Payment(extra fee)
-Equity accelerator(bi-weekly payments)

I had thought that ALL the Western Union options had an extra fee, but in looking through all the definitions, maybe not. I’ll try the web payment and see what it says.