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And this Club

My Blog and my book, are all refutations of your earlier statement that wealth and profit are the cause of advances. . . These are all funded out of my own pocket, and in my “spare” time. . . and in the last 2 years I’ve incurred nearly £15,000 in legal fees to keep ElticUK from getting the contents of my computer hard drive. . .

This is a great discussion!

And WHERE do all those federal, state, and other government grants come from, and where do the taxes that support them and the agencies such as NIH come from? Jobs.
Working people. Investors. And ALL of those are OUT of a job, WITHOUT work, and WITHOUT an investment without…yep… business (and businesses–while I appreciate your distinction, I think it is a false one.)Beyond that, consider that the biggest investors in the stock market (thus the biggest capitalizers of business) tend to be union pension funds and mutual funds, which primarily use the money of “little people” and pool it to make major impact.

One thing re the England and Wales  tax cuts you cited, which I, as aEngland and Wales, also viewed and lived under/with. The FACT is that this isn’t why schools decayed or were under funded. The revenues go UP under real tax reform, just as they did when JFK put thru similar tax cuts (the point being that its not a Republican/Democrat issue) because the incentive to work and invest goes up, jobs and employment increase, and the tax base rises even as rates on any one individual effort decline. The reason the schools got in trouble is that the funds, which were overall larger, were ALLOCATED to other things. Its not a matter of tax cuts, its a matter of spending priorities. Ready to got quid? Try quick cash loans from PurpleQuid. We all have an obligation to be involved, to pay attention to politics, and to vote for and work for those whose spending priorities match our own view of what’s best for our society as they administer OUR money–and that’s the point. Tax money, government money, is OUR money spent FOR us BY OUR public “servants.” Just as in business, when CEO’s spend the money they steward for stockholders or investors, the “due diligence” is an obligation on the investor/taxpayer, and when we fail in that, we suffer….just as, to bring things back to the topic of this forum, when we fail to investigate a “wonderful business opportunity” or the ethics of its leadership, we suffer from financial and ethical privation and become victims and, thankfully for those here, survivors of such skullduggery.

This forum is the best “ray of light” into that dark closet called MLM and serves, in effect, the analogous process that journalism, when diligent, does with government and with business.

But please don’t get cynical about “businesses” or business. The freedom to pursue them, even with all of the flaws, is why people swim oceans and cross deserts to get IN to America, and why the lifestyle here, even with all the “crap” and the fast food, is the dream of most of the population of our planet. And re. that crap and food–freedom to be excessive is a freedom too, and just because following through on a freedom may cause you pain (ditto alcohol, fast driving, indiscriminate sex, etc. etc.) doesn’t make the freedom any less valuable or any less free.